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“Offshore Dong deal provides earnings visibility to 2015” – Aug 2013 - Fair Value : EUR 3.2
“Mitsubishi: an important leap of faith ” - Jan 2013 - Fair Value : EUR 3.7
“DONG is the key for Offshore , WKN for Onshore “ - May 2013 – Fair Value : EUR 4.0
“Strong news flow, still waiting for DONG’s FID decision” – Oct 2013 – Fair Value : EUR 4.0


PNE WIND AG, established in 1995, is an onshore/offshore wind farm project developer based in Cuxhaven, Germany. It also offers technical and commercial management of wind farms and operates wind farms for its own account on selective basis. PNE WIND has operations in 14 other countries (including
WKN). PNE WIND has developed and implemented wind farms with a total rated output of around 1,959 MW.

“An engineering caterpillar turns into a IPP butterfly” - July 2013 - Fair Value : EUR 25.0
Velcan Energy

Velcan Energy, an independent renewable energy producer listed in the NYSE Euronext, specializes in medium-sized hydropower projects. The company operates through its subsidiaries in France, India, Laos, and Brazil. As of March 2013, Velcan had won over 628MW of hydroelectric concessions in Brazil, India and Laos; of these, 15MW is operational at Rodeio Bonito in Brazil, while a number of other projects are at various stages of development.

“Premium wind IRRs on a de-risked approach”

Fair value : £2.78
Date : October 6th, 2010



“EDF + EON+ CER are the key drivers”

Fair value: €10.6
Date January 18th, 2010


Bionersis specializes in the design, financing, development and the operation of landfill gas flaring installations. Through its know-how on CDM registration, monitoring and Carbon-Credits (CER) trading, Bionersis offers a totally integrated solution.

“Feeding the world, a market of 9bn people and growing”

Fair Value : €3.10
Date : July 7th, 2010

Agro Generation


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