7c Consult conducts top-class equity reports on utilities, environmental engineering and renewable energy companies. We cover the industry’s value chain, the company’s competitive positioning, its strategy “as-is” and “as-should-be”, detailed financial modeling, pipeline and asset valuation by project and by country, risk analysis and company valuation. Our research is filling the information gap between the investment banks that want to chase lucrative banking deals and trading profits, and local brokers that to some extent miss an in-depth sector know-how. Our research is fee-based and fully independent, providing analytical and not promotional service.

Strategic Consulting

We advise utilities, developers and investors on strategies primarily driven by growth in new markets or in new sustainable technologies. Starting from the company’s core values, we develop or extend strategies based on industry trends and value chain dynamics. Coherent to market or technology selection, we mainly assist on the screening of sites and projects, discussions with developers, searching alliances, assisting in the permitting process, analyzing financing and subsidy possibilities, procurement of components and setting up sales channels within these markets. Our team remains involved until implementation and execution.

Financial advisory

7c Consult’s key partners have their roots in finance to utilities & infrastructure industry. As a result, our winning approach fully relies on financial excellence backed by top-notch industry knowledge. Whether it relates to debt or equity capital, we help project developers and end-investors to finance their projects and acquisitions or to re-finance their capital structure. Through our network, we provide access to different sources of financing (senior debt, subordinated/mezzanine debt, equity) on a tailor-made basis for each market. Our current offerings are anchored on but not limited to the Benelux, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. As financial advisor, we contemplate a full prospectus or project information memorandum containing the market situation, the licensing process, a detailed financial plan, the different actors and the warranty & risk situation

Transaction Advisory

7c Consult is strongly involved in renewable energy project acquisition through buy-side and sell-side advisory. Both our transaction support and financial due diligence skills enable parties to obtain a smooth deal success. From a buy-side perspective, 7c Consult acts through a “scout and screen” approach with direct access to projects and developers on the following markets: Benelux, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Our sell-side strategy is anchored within the same geographies, but is more focused on transaction structuring and short-listing most credible investors. Our deep knowledge of the energy industry and country dynamics, in concert with excellence on valuation and financial planning, ensure best value to our clients.